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In our town we were a “we” – a collective – a community seamlessly giving to those in need without question or doubt, or reason not to give.

Edmonton is a “Community” of givers. Yes – you are a giver – let’s work together to make a plan for you, your business and your charity of choice.


I had the privilege of working with Leslie on the, first ever in Canada, Santa Clothes Project event held at West Edmonton Mall. While the event involved a great deal of coordination and direction on many levels, Leslie’s efforts were instrumental in making the event a huge success. Her ability to organize and direct the large numbers of volunteers and the ease with which she engaged all of the parties involved was incredibly impressive.

While the smiles on the children’s faces was a true indication of the event’s success, speaking with many of the Rotary volunteers, Boys & Girls Club counselors, and Old Navy staff everyone had an amazing time largely due to her tireless efforts. You have set the bar very high for next year’s event.

Thank you Leslie for allowing me to be part of such a worthwhile and successful project and to see how a small group can make such a big difference to the world of a child and to the community as a whole. Being part of a greater good and partnering with charities creates value and in turn creates public value for society. A win-win!

Colleen Ens

Volunteer, Santa Clothes Project